The Grandmaster’s Secrets Review

The Grandmaster's Secrets Review
The Grandmaster’s Secrets

Hi and welcome to my The Grandmaster’s Secrets Review

This course was created by International Grandmaster Igor Smirnov. This chess course has 2 major components. The first is 5 great video lessons for a total of approximately 2 1/2 hours. After the video lessons there is an extensive  practical part comprising of solving  chess puzzles themed on the video lessons. The practical part really help you learn the material and compliment the video lessons well.

The video lessons are great of great quality in addition to being easy to understand.  Some of the lessons your will learn in this course are; Learn the biggest mistakes beginners make, Learn what to study to maximize your chess improvement, Learn to apply a good system of thinking during your chess games, Learn how to beat players with more chess knowledge than you, General overview of how to play the game, Learn how to prepare physically and physiologically before chess matches, How to get into in dept chess training, Learn to analyses your own games.

Grandmaster Smirnov gives a lot of good advice on how to learn to get results consequently increasing your rating. He will literally show how how grandmasters think during a game and in preparation for  a game. Most of all, you will find a good guide on how to calculate properly during games with good examples from real games. This can really help you improve your play very quickly.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend this course for beginners to intermediate players. Probably the best choice for your  first course from the Igor Smirnov Series.  This course is at a good price and  offers good value for immediate chess improvement. I believe you will enjoy this course and with it will start improving your chess games right away. Thanks for reading and I really hope you enjoyed my The Grandmaster’s Secrets Review.