The Grandmasters Positional Understanding Review

The Grandmasters Positional Understanding Review
The Grandmasters Positional Understanding

Hi and welcome to my The Grandmasters Positional Understanding review. This course is one of my favorites by Grandmaster Igor Smirnov. This course has helped me tremendously in my chess development. It will teach you so much that you will that I believe that you will instantly play chess much better after going through this one course.

It comes with over 5 hours of video in seven lessons and a few bonus lessons. You also have a series to practical exercises to solve based on the video lessons in this course. There are over one hundred exercises and puzzles to solve that can really help you completely understand the subject matter. The instructions in the video lessons are clear and well presented.  The video lessons are quite enjoyable and include a lot of concrete examples. The material is easy to learn  and to understand. I would say that Igor Smirnov did such a great job that it’s worth going over again. You will lean positional principles and  strategic elements applicable to all your games.

I really enjoyed the lessons on all the various pawn structure. I also liked the in debt lesson on the value of bishops and how to best use them in your games. My game play definitely changed for the better after going trough this course. It really helped me understand many middle game positions as well as how to improve them to my advantage. I like how the material was so easily integrated in my chess games.

In conclusion, I believe the course is of great value considering the improvement it can bring. The course has made me a much better player and I even enjoy going back to it and to go over the lessons again. I loved this course so much that I would recommend it to anyone slightly interested. Thanks for reading and I hope that you have enjoyed my The Grandmasters Positional Understanding review.