The Grandmaster’s Opening Laboratory Review

The Grandmaster's Opening Laboratory Review
The Grandmaster’s Opening Laboratory

Hi and welcome to my The Grandmaster’s Opening Laboratory review.

The author of this course is International Grandmaster Igor Smirnov. Grandmaster Smirnov is a world class chess teacher and chess coach. This course contains 5 video lessons for about 3 hours of video.There is also a practical part that will help reinforce what you have just learned with the videos.

This is a good introductory course about openings. With this course you can start outwitting your opponents that know the openings better than you do. Learn which openings and opening moves that are not the best for development. Learn what to do in unfamiliar openings and various opening positions. This is a perfect guide to get you all the way to the middle game without losing an advantage and even gaining an advantage over your opponent.

Learn the three basic rules to start all your games.  The openings are a very important part of chess, so how much time should you spend studying it? Not that much according to Grandmaster Smirnov unless you are already at the grandmaster level. This course focuses more on the general rules of the openings. There are a few the openings covered in more detail especially in the practical part. This course has a lot of great material that will change the way you view openings.

In conclusion, I would recommend this course to beginners and intermediate players currently studying openings. You should probably see this course before you study any other opening. This course is a good value and can save you a lot of time with your chess training. I very much enjoyed this course and found that it has helped me with every chess game I have played since. Thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed my The Grandmaster’s Opening Laboratory review.