Overwhelming the Defender

Overwhelming the DefenderHi and welcome to my overwhelming the defender game review. This is a 30min live game that I played on chess.com. This French: exchange variation has been analyzed by Deep Rybka. I got a nice exclamation “!” when I overwhelmed the defender in the key move. I played a good game with no major mistakes. I noticed I developed quickly while my opponent made more pawn moves and was slow to castle. Due to my opponents slow development I was encouraged to develop as quickly as possible and I ended up with a very strong center.

In conclusion, I believe having developed much faster than my opponent was the key to victory. Another key is that castling queenside can help get your rooks in the center much faster. In addition, having a pair of rooks on open central files is very strong. Also not playing unnecessary pawn moves early can really speed up development as well. Finally a strong center enabled me to overwhelm a key defender in blacks territory and have a quick crushing victory. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my overwhelming the defender game review.