Fritz Trainer Master Class Vol 1 Bobby Fisher Review

Fritz Trainer Master class vol 1 Bobby Fischer Review
Fritz Trainer Master class vol 1 Bobby Fischer

Hi and welcome to my Fritz Trainer Master Class Vol 1 Bobby Fisher review. Here is what you get with this course. It comes with a database of 1006 of Bobby Fisher’s games including his opening tree. You also get a short biography, over 5 hours of video lessons  and 100 chess puzzles based on Bobby Fisher’s games.

The puzzles as you would expect are Bobby Fischer themed. The Biography is a little on the short side considering most people buying this course will know a whole lot more.

Here is a breakdown of the main part of the course. The first part consists of over 2 hours of video lessons on Bobby Fischer’ s openings. It includes the Ruy Lopez, Sicilian, French, Caro Kann, Najdorf, King’s Indian and Hedgehog among others. Bobby Fischer’s openings are analyzed by Grandmaster Dorian Rogozenco. You get to see how Fischer played openings against the best Grandmasters of his time.

The second part consists of analysis of Bobby Fischer’s strategic play by Grandmaster Mihail Marin. Learn the strategy behind Fisher’s key moves in famous games. Theres also about an hours of video divided in 4 lessons.

Thee tactics part was very interesting once I got the hang of them. There is 18 interactive video lessons based on some of Fischer’s most decisive moments. International Master Oliver Reeh guides you through the lessons and lets you know if you got it right also if you get it wrong as well.

The last past is the endgame by Grandmaster Karsten Muller. Theres over 2 hours of video in 28 lessons. Watch some of Fischer’s advanced endgames expertly played and commented on. Get to see very difficult end games that have been analyzed in depth.

In conclusion, would I recommend it? Maybe I would start buy buying just one of the series of your favorite player perhaps to make sure that you like the format. The opening lessons where the most fun and the endgame especially instructive. Bobby Fischer has top quality play so his games are good to learn from. Overall the package is not perfect but then again if you are fan of Bobby Fischer’s play this might interest you a lot.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my Fritz Trainer Master Class Vol 1 Bobby Fisher review.