Fighting Chess with Magnus Carlsen Review

Fighting Chess with Magnus Carlsen Review
Fighting Chess with Magnus Carlsen

Hi and welcome to my Fighting Chess with Magnus Carlsen review.

This 280 gage book was written by Adrian Mikhalchishin and Oleg Stetsko and was published by Edition Olms in 2012. Adrian Mikhalchishin is an accomplished Grandmaster, chess writer and trainer. Oleg Stetsko is a Russian Master, national chess trainer and chess writer. Ken Neat did the edits and English translation.

This book covers the games of Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen who became the worlds youngest Grandmaster at 13 years old. The book has three main chapters. The first one follows Magnus Carlson’s games starting at the master level until he reaches the grandmaster level. The second chapter follows his games on the way to the world championship. The third chapter follows his games while he is at the top of the ladder.  It follows his career in addition to his struggles and does so in great detail.

The book covers 64 games in all.  There is plenty of information about the events surrounding the games and the annotations go in great detail. Consequently you will often find multiple pages covering just one game. The pages all look nice and their are quite a few chess diagrams for each game.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for very detailed annotations of high level games or fans on Magnus Carlsen. I believe this book to be very instructive due to the high quality of the annotations and the chess games themselves. Fighting chess with Magnus Carlsen is a very instructive book. I really like the games and the style of play of Magnus Carlsen. The book very clear, well organized and straightforward therefore making it quite an enjoyable book. Thank you for reading and I hope you have enjoyed reading my Fighting Chess with Magnus Carlsen review.