Komodo Chess Engine Review

Komodo Chess Engine Review
Komodo Chess Engine

Hi and welcome to my Komodo Chess Engine Review.

The Komodo engine currently comes in 3 different versions which are Komodo 8(free), Komodo 9(paid) and Komodo 10 (paid). When you download the Komodo app you only get the engine itself and you will need one of the compatible chess apps to be able to use it.

The free compatible chess apps are; Chess for Android, Scid on the go, DroidFish Chess and Chess.

The paid chess apps that are compatible are; ChessBase Online, Analyze This, Hawk Chess and Chess PGN Master.

The komodo engine is not necessary for you to play chess with engines but sometimes having another engine can be fun.  It is usually pretty simple to install depending on the app and then you can easily start playing against Komodo. I have successfully installed it with Droidfish and quite enjoy playing against Komodo.

What I usually use Komodo for is for my game analysis, using Analyze This. First you do need the pro version of Analyze This to be able to add your own engines.  Not that the Stockfish engine that comes with Analyze This is bad. Having another engine can act like a second opinion.  I will usually alternate my game analysis between Komodo and Stockfish.  I do find the analysis between the two engines a little different so it’s nice to see things from a slightly different perspective.

In conclusion, would definitely recommend Komodo 8 because it is currently free. It can be used as an opponent or as a strong engine for analysis of your games. I would not recommend the paid version Komodo 9 because Komodo10  seems like a much better value. Since Komodo usually makes available past additions for free, it would seem like Komodo 9 is next on that list. If you are looking for a good engine and are willing to pay a few dollars, I would recommend Komodo 10. For a slightly higher price you get a much stronger engine that is great for analysis and fun to play against as well.

I hope you have enjoyed my Komodo Chess Engine Review.

Free Komodo 8 on Google Play

Komodo 9 on Google Play

Komodo 10 on Google Play