Improving your Chess review

Improving Your Chess Review
Improving Your Chess

Hi and welcome to my Improving your Chess review.

This book was written by Fred Reinfeld and published by Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. in 1955.

This book takes a unique path at improving your chess. Instead of focusing on what you should be doing better, think about what are doing wrong. This book will attempt to teach you the most common mistakes you make in your chess games. By correcting a few flaws in your game you can begin improving right away.

The book is quite simplistic, covering a few ideas rather well. Each section will have a few diagrams to help explain the concepts.  The book has 7 sections. The first starts off with The Eight Bad Moves. This includes, Neglecting development, exposing your king, making too many queen moves, weakening your castled position, getting pinned, failing to guard against captures, underestimating your opponent’s treats, losing a won game.  Then there is a section on how to play with the white pieces and another chapter on how to play with the black pieces.  You will also learn how to play with an advantage in material, combination, sacrifices, checkmates and the key to the opening. This really goes through a a lot of common mistakes that you shouldn’t make.

In conclusion, I would say that this book is for the beginner to intermediate player. This book is definitely not the best book but does have a nice idea behind it. This book is also  easy to understand. I think the idea is sound about making sure you are not making one of these bad moves. If you think you might be making some of these bad moves or like the idea you should read this book. Thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed my Improving Your Chess review.