Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess Master Class Review

Garry kasparov Teaches Chess Master Class Review
Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess Master Class

Hi and Welcome to my Garry Kasparov teaches chess Master Class review.

I was not sure what to expect from Master Class as this is my first experience with them. For the low price of 120$ Canadian I figured it’s worth a try. At that price if it didn’t work out it wouldn’t break the bank. Tony Robbins once said that if you want to learn something try to learn it from the best at that particular subject. Well I don’t think many people here will have any doubt that Garry Kasparov is the best chess player around. Who better to have as a chess instructor?

Well I will have to say that Master Class has blown my mind. In both overall quality of the presentation to the quality of the instruction.  The picture quality of the videos are outstanding.  The sets where Garry has a board and talks to the camera are grandiose and make you feel like you are having a one on one class. Master Class also did a good job a building a community of students that can easily interact with each other. There are a few places to chat and comment as well as a comment section for every class to ask questions or have a general discussion.  The workbook is also quite well presented and the overall website is easy to navigate.

I wasn’t sure if the subject matter would be to easy or too advanced for me before decided to purchase it. It does start with a bit of easier material and quickly dives in intermediate and advanced levels. I didn’t really come across anything so boring that I wanted to skip or too advanced that I found it too hard. I would say that there is definitely something here for all levels of chess players. Garry Kasparov makes all the instructions clear and easy to understand. He is really good at keeping your attention because he presents everything in an enthusiastic and lively manner.

In conclusion I wouldn’t say that after this class you will be a grandmaster. As Garry Kasparov says that chess is really big and he would like us to use his class as a starting point for further development. I have learned a lot and am completely satisfied and happy to have got this course.  I would recommend this course to anyone for its price, its teacher and its presentation. As long as you already know how to move the pieces and have at least a basic understanding. This is best for club players and I imagine even Masters and Grandmasters could get something out of it. I  have to say thank you and awesome job to both Master Class and Garry Kasparov. Thanks for reading and I hope that you have enjoyed my Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess Master Class Review.