Follow Chess App Review

Follow Chess App Review
Follow Chess App

Hi and Welcome to my Follow Chess app review.

With the follow chess app you can watch live chess tournaments from around the world right on your phone. You could almost say that is like having access to a chess TV channel for free.

This is one of the most exciting and innovative idea to hit the chess app market.  With this app you can start watching live chess games from popular chess tournaments from around the world. Once in a while you will even get a live commentary video feed for the event.  The feed is usually hosted by a Chess Grandmaster and will even analyze games on the go. The live commentary feed is top notch and a real pleasure to watch.

For the free version, you can get access to all the current live tournaments and video feeds.  You can also look up completed games from the live tournament.

The paid version offers access to all the games from all the previous tournaments. Having all the games from every tournament is great but not really necessary. The free version has all you need to get started. If you really like it and want to upgrade, the lifetime offer is a great value.

I find that this app gets as close to a Chess TV channel as you can get. Chess available 24/7 with some even streaming is great. You can easily have a few chess games from a live tournament opened on your phone while watching TV.  I will also sometimes watch a game or the on the bus to help pass the time.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend the free version of this app. If you are like me and find yourself using it quite often I would also recommend the paid version as well. I really think this app is very cool and offers something that is quite unique and very fun.

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