Droidfish App Review

Droidfish App ReviewHi and welcome to my Droidfish app review. Droidfish is a great free chess app that comes with the Stockfish Chess Engine. This is the app to use to play against other chess engines on your phone while you are on a budget. The app is completely free with all its options unlocked from the start.

Since I have installed Shredder on my phone, I must say I don’t use it as much as I used to.  I do still enjoy Droidfish for its ability to easily play blindfold chess with a computer engine.  In the settings you can easily set blindfold for one side or both sides of the board.

Stockfish 7 that comes free with the program is challenging enough and you can set it at the level you like. Another of Droidfish’s great features is that you can install and play against other chess engines for free. I always find it fun to play against other engines once in a while.

You can also use Droidfish to view pgn files or play 2 chess engines against themselves. Droidfish also has a whole lot of customizable options in the menu for gameplay and the program itself.

I think that Droidfish is definitely one of the best free chess engine available. It certainly has the most options and is the most customizable one out there. It has everything you need to start playing chess with an engine right away. If you are on a budget or like to play different chess engines I would really recommend this program. If you are not on a budget and are just looking for a fun engine to play with I would recommend the Shredder Chess app. I hope you enjoyed my Droidfish app review and hope you enjoy playing Stockfish as well.

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