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Hi and welcome to my app review.

The app is the chess app that I use the most on my phone. I mainly use it to play chess games with other players around the world at any time of day. You can chose between two main and separate playing options. You can chose a one a turn based chess game that you can have up to a few days to play each move. The more popular of the two and my personal favorite is the live game section.

I almost exclusively use the live game section to play chess and there are many time control options for you to pick from for you games. You get to chose your own time controls from one of the many options available.  The app will randomly chose an opponent from around the word based on time controls chosen and your chess rating.

The gameplay is great, the interface works well and it’s very easy to use. The only problem I have with  the live sections is that because of a bad phone connection I can easily lose a game. Unfortunately you will lose automatically if you are  disconnected for more than a couple minutes. If you have a good signal on your phone or if you are connected to Wi-Fi this will not be  problem.

This app will easily keep track of all your chess games played and are available in pgn format.  Because it’s so easy I will usually send my games straight to my Analyze This App. The app will also keep track of you chess rating and your progress over time.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend the app to anybody who wants to play chess online. I recommend it because it ‘s a great app and most of all it’s free. Finally, If you haven’t yet you should definitely give this app a try. App on Google Play App on Itunes