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Analyze This Review (Chess App)

Analyze This Chess App
Analyze This Chess App

Hi and welcome to my Analyze This Review.

The Analyze This app is not for playing chess games but for analyzing games played in other apps.  This app can then analyze your chess games to let you know where your mistakes where. It can help you find where you could have played a better move and check mates you or your opponent may have missed.

It comes with the StockFish 8 Engine which is a powerful engine to analyze your own chess games. The pro version allows you to also add your own engine like Komodo 8(free), 9 or 10. StockFish 8 is very powerful but sometimes its fun to have your games analyzed by another engine.

I find analyze this very easy to use and accurate in in the analysis of my own chess games .  It is also helpful to analyze both my losses and even my wins to find many options that I might have missed. It can be even very useful in helping me improve my chess game.

There is also great for its ability to annotate your games as well as view other annotated games to help you in your chess development.

While it comes in both Free and Pro versions , in the free version the app is limited to thinking for a maximum of 5 seconds per move. You can easily try it for free and upgrade to pro later if you like it.

Upgrade to pro for more analysis time per move as well as the ability to use other engines. You will also have an auto play buttons for your games, quite useful if you also use  it as your database. I would definitely recommend the upgrade if you are serious about improving your chess games.

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