Shredder Chess App Review

Shredder Chess App Review.

Shredder Chess App Review
Shredder Chess App

Hi and welcome to my Shredder Chess App Review.

Unfortunately the Shredder Chess app comes only as a paid version and currently doesn’t offer a free version of its app. I changed phones and quickly noticed that I missed this app very much so I went ahead and bought it again. I still play it often so I haven’t regretted it.

There are plenty of free apps to play against an engine available so why would you want to get this free app. I quickly notice that most engines I played against where very strong and I was easily beat.  After playing with the strength of the engines multiple times it seemed that I couldn’t get it quite right. What shredder does well is to adapt to your playing strength. It can play strong yet giving you the ability to beat it once in a while.

It’s always fun to play with the Shredder app, it’s interface is easy to use and the pieces, board and color schemes are quite pleasing as well.

Shredder also offers a fun puzzle solving feature. There are plenty of puzzles to keep your brain working for quite some time. The puzzles are a fun distraction and you can easily play for a long time. But the chess engine is what I like the most about the Shredder app.  if you get tired of playing other engines you should definitely give this one a try.

I have tried about a dozen of free engines and there are plenty of free chess engines to play against. I would still recommend this one just because it has been my personal favorite.  This Engine keeps me on my toes by beating me most of the time. If I’m careful and it blunders a bit I still have that chance for a win.

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