Importance of King Pawns for Safety

Importance of King Pawns for SafetyThis game will show the importance of king pawns for safety. There is also some quick development on white’s part.  What I think is especially relevant in this game is that my opponent blundered early on and exposed his king. By exchanging 2 of the 3 pawns guarding it, it was left defenseless. Probably not such a good idea in light of my development.  As a result I was able to take advantage of the weak king.  Finally this game was set at 30 min time controls. While the computer engine analysis was done by’s analysis feature.


In conclusion, I was very happy when I saw my opponent came up with g5. I knew that if I played well I had already won. The are multiple options to check mate in the end due to the wide open king.  Furthermore, all my pieces are all aiming at the weak king side. My only regret was not moving myrook to g3 one move earlier for a faster checkmate. I had so many pieces aiming for the f6 and f7 squares.  Especially if I brought in my other rook on the f file that it was hard to let go.  Consequently it did not really matter much in the end. Finally I hope you enjoyed my importance of king pawns for safety  game review.

Game Over Kasparov and the Machine Review

Game Over Kasparov and the Machine Review
Game Over Kasparov and the Machine

Hi and welcome to my Game Over Kasparov and the Machine review.

Dive into the world of chess conspiracy theory with this unique documentary Game Over Kasparov and the Machine. This movie documents the historic chess match between Kasparov and Deep Blue. Get a look at behind the scene from Kasparov’s perspective. Watch as the greatest player in the world plays the most advanced chess engine man has ever created.  I enjoyed all of suspicion and paranoia in this chess movie. I found the subject to be quite fascinating as well. Did IBM somehow cheat one of the greatest minds the world has ever seen for financial gain?

The camera work as well as the soundtrack might not be the best. Also, the documentary will probably leave you with some unanswered questions. I wish there would have been a bit more of investigative type journalism to try to get at the truth. IBM did have a lot of security and this might have made the task quite hard. Due to all the extra security it does leave you more suspicious. But this is in no way Kasparov’s fault. He played wonderful chess against a quite amazing opponent. The  special features of the DVD contain all the games between Kasparov and Deep Blue. which I thought was a nice touch.

In conclusion I wouldn’t say to rush out and buy this DVD is you haven’t seen it yet. If you do like chess documentaries or are a fan of Kasparov you should definitely see it. Try to rent it or buy a used version if you get the chance.  Finally I would say that they definitely don’t make many chess documentaries like this one, yet I was quite entertained and enjoyed the suspense. I also enjoyed seeing the complexities of the daily chess life of Garry Kasparov. I hope you have enjoyed my Game Over Kasparov and the Machine Review.

Acid Ape Chess Engine Collection Review

Acid Ape Chess engine collection review
Acid Ape Chess

Hi and welcome to my Acid Ape Chess Engine Collection review.

Acid Ape Chess’s Chess Engine Collection is a collection of chess engines that can be used with the Acid Ape Chess App or any other app that will let you use custom chess engines. This download contains 3 high quality chess engines. The engines included are Hakkapeliita 3.0 by Mikko Aarnos, Senpai 1.0 by Fabien Letouzey amd Stockfish 8 by Tord Romstad, Marco Costalba and Joona Kiiski. The ratings of the engines are quite high, Hakkapeliita 3.0 (2956), Senpai 1.0(3033) and Stockfish 8 (3390).

I find that the engines and the installations worked very well with Acid Ape Chess. After the download the new engines were available to play in Acid Ape Chess right away. Acid Ape Chess does an amazing job with its chess apps. There are other free chess engines available for download but these ones are really strong and seem to work well with all my other apps too.

In conclusion, I would say that these engines are not necessary, especially if you already have stockfish 8. I would not necessarily recommend these engines, but they are completely free, strong and fun to play against. It is also very easy to install and doesn’t take much room. Theres is a lot you can do with Acid Ape Chess.  Other engines can come in handy if you  spend a lot of time playing with this app on your phone. If you are curious about them go ahead and download.  If you don’t have the Acid Ape Chess app yet you should definitely check out my review here. Whether you are playing with other people or against engines, Acid Ape Chess a great app despite it’s unusual name. Finally, thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed my Acid Ape Chess Engine Collection Review.

Quick Rook Development

Quick Rook DevelopmentHere is a game I recently played on that shows the importance of quick rook development. I definitely developed my rooks before my opponent developed his which ultimately won me the game. You will notice how I develop my rooks quite early and the queen as well. Always be careful when developing the queen early. This time it worked out quite well for my queen. I almost seem to tease my opponent in helping me develop all my pieces. With you pieces developed on good squares early it can open up a lot of opportunities especially if your opponents development is a little behind. I was also able to keep my opponent from castling and that in itself is also a small victory as well.


My opponent resigned here. To complete development, imagine moving the knight on a3 with tempo attacking the queen on your next move. Finally all that remains is to  somehow try to open up the f file for your other rook. Alternatively you can also move it on the D file. The only treat my opponent had is a check on move 14 which was a little trap that ultimately helped me develop even further. You could even say I got pretty good compensation for not taking that bishop 1 move earlier. My opponent did gain a pawn but was a good exchange for developing a bishop and putting a rook on the 7th rank. Finally I hope that you have enjoyed my game on quick rook development.

Grandmaster PGN Databases

grandmaster pgn databases

Here is my collection of Grandmaster PGN databases. This is a good collection of both historical and current chess players. A lot of these players are world champions as well.  The level of accuracy and the quality of play  in these chess games are very high with this collection of grandmasters. I’m not sure but there must be close to a million games between these grandmaster pgn databases. Not sure where to start? I would recommend you try Kasparov, Fischer, Polgar in addition to my personal favorite, Morphy! Try few to see if you like their playing style.  Once you have picked your favorite try to stick with that one for a while.


CapablancaCarlsenCharousekChigorin_MikhailChristiansen. DeLabourdonnais,






Tal, TarraschTartakowerUhlmannWaitzkin.

There are  many good ways to study with grandmaster pgn databases. One is to pick a player and try to emulate their playing style. You can have fun by trying to guess what their next move will be. Try to have fun while you go over the games. You can also even try to memorize your favorite chess games from your favorite players. I find that sometimes they are just fun to go trough to pass the time. You get to see some very interesting chess games along the way. Please feel free to download and use with your favorite pgn viewer. Some of the free options that I would recommend are Chessbase in addition to Analyze This.   In conclusion, I would say that grandmaster pgn databases are a great tool to help you study. Finally it’s a free way to improve your chess games while having fun.


Short Kings Gambit Declined

very short kings gambit declinedHere is a short kings gambit declined game I recently played as white on The time controls are 30 minutes each.  With quick development and a little luck  my opponent resigned in less than 11 moves. Due to a few minor mistakes by my opponent I was able to deploy my pieces very quickly. With the initiative and quick development you can keep the pressure on a vulnerable king rather well. I think this game is quite beautiful and therefore  is the reason I really like playing in Paul Morphy’s style.


In conclusion, at the prospect of losing his queen for a knight my opponent resigned on his 11th move. I find that this game shows the importance of quick development of your pieces and also how to take advantage of a king in the middle. Finally I hope you have enjoyed my short kings gambit declined game.

Pawn Power in Chess Review

Pawn Power in Chess Review
Pawn Power in Chess

Hi and welcome to my Pawn Power in Chess review.

Pawn Power in Chess was written by Hans Kmoch and originally published in 1959. This book has over 300 pages and is in 3 parts and 9 chapters. As the title suggests this book is all about pawns and how to use them to your advantage.

Pawns might be the lest talked about piece since it’s value is so small.  You do have 8 of them and they can often work together.  They can also be very strong as passed pawns and protected passed pawns. This book will teach you all the possible pawn positions.  From outside passed pawns, protected passed pawn, pawn duos, pawn trios, pawn quarts, pawn chains, different formations, pawn exchanges, pawn majorities, pawn wedges, pawn isolation, pawn islands, pawn backwardness, pawn shielding, double pawns, pawn centers. This book also covers the relation of the pawns with all the other chess pieces. It will show you how to best use you pawns with each piece. It also covers how to defend against your opponents pawns. There also examples of many different pawn formations ans possible pawn positions.

This book pretty much covers all the pawn formations that can come up during your game. It will really teach you how to handle all the formations and show which ones are the best for you and exactly how to defend against your opponents pawn formations. There is a lot to know about pawns and this book does a good job at covering them.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend this book. I believe that pawns are a very important aspect of the chess game that is often overlooked.  This book has everything you need to start studying pawns. If you haven’t studied pawns specifically before you can really improve your game with the study of this book.  Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my Pawn Power in Chess review.

Your Winning Plan Review

Your Winning Plan Review
Your Winning Plan

Hi and welcome to my Your Winning Plan review.

This course was created by International Grandmaster Igor Smirnov. Grandmaster Smirnov is an accomplished chess instructor and chess coach.

This course focuses on the planning stage of mostly the middle game and planning in general. Once you have fully developed your pieces and have finished the opening moves what do you do next?  This course will teach you accurately what to do next. Your Winning Plan has 10 video lessons with over 2 hours of video training. It also has a practical part with over 100 tasks to complete that focuses on the material learned in the videos.

Planning in chess can be a very daunting task. It is probably one of the most important skills you can learn. This course will teach you all you need to know about planning in chess. Learn how and when to make a master plan to outwit your opponent every time. Learn how to come up with the best plan in every possible situation. This course will literally teach you what to do when you are not sure what to do next.

You will learn the 5 different types of centers and how to plan around each one. Learn the typical mistakes most players do around planning. Simplify the planning process and focus on winning your games.

In conclusion I would highly recommend this course. It will teach you great planning skills that will help you in all aspects of chess. This course is for intermediate players. It is also very affordable and a great value considering its contents. This course has really been an asset to all my chess games as a winning plan is always a good thing to have. Thank you for reading and I hope you have enjoyed my Your Winning Plan review.

The Greatest Ever Chess Tricks and Traps Review

The Greatest Ever Chess Tricks and Traps Review
The Greatest Ever Chess Tricks and Traps

Hi and welcome to my The Greatest Ever Chess Tricks and Traps review.

This book was written by Gary Lane and published by Everyman Chess in 2008. Gary Lane is an International Master, chess writer and coach.

As the title indicates this book as all about different chess tricks and traps. Almost the entire tricks and traps repertoire from this book concentrate on the openings. There are a few about the middle game but most center around the various types of openings. First of all I would like to say that it might not be the best way to play chess by trying to lure your opponents into traps. It is good to at least understand them in case the opportunity arises. This can also help you see them coming so you are able to avoid the traps yourself. These are clever traps that can literally win or lose you the game.

The traps are in puzzle format with a unique rating system. The ratings are for the risk and reward factors as well as surprise and chance of success. In addition, I find them to be easy enough to learn and go through. The puzzles are all pretty fun and you will find some very interesting traps and tricks along the way. I really like the way the traps and tricks are set up in this book, my one complaint is that the binding is poorly done. This is my second copy and the pages are already starting to come apart, again.

In conclusion, I would say that this book is not necessarily the most instructive chess book. It is a fun book none the less. If you like chess opening traps, this is a good book for you. If you are often losing chess matches because of opening traps you might want to pick this book up too. Just be careful because it tends to be fragile. Thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed my The Greatest Ever Chess Tricks and Traps review .

Attack and Counterattack in Chess Review

Attack and Counterattack in Chess Review
Attack and Counter Attack in Chess

Hi and welcome to my Attack and Counterattack in Chess review.

This book was written by Fred Reinfeld and published by Barns and noble in 1954.

It focuses on the attack and counter attack of chess. I believe these to be very important subjects and a great style in which to play. You can clearly see from some of the games how fun  and advantageous it can be to  play in an attacking style of chess.

The book is in 2 main parts. The first one covers the control of the center, exploiting the mobility of your pieces, how to exploit the enemy’s premature opening of the position, exploiting weak pawn moves, errors and irregular defense. In the second part it talks about how to seize the initiative, how to play against gambits, how to defend against powerful attacks, how to seize the attack & how to exploit unusual openings. I believe these are all great subjects to study and are very important especially for an attacking player.

The book might be a bit old but still looks pretty clean. There is about 1 chess diagram per page to help you follow with. The information it teaches is still very current and applicable today.

In conclusion, I would recommend this book because of it’s content. The printing of this book is a little out of date but I think this style of play is really good. This book can help most students really improve their game. This book is for beginners and intermediate players. The information is well presented and you can easily find quick progress after studying this book. Even if you don’t personally like to play this attacking style, you will most likely face opponents that will. Thanks for reading and I hope that you have enjoyed my Attack and Counterattack in Chess review.