Importance of King Pawns for Safety

Importance of King Pawns for SafetyThis game will show the importance of king pawns for safety. There is also some quick development on white’s part.  What I think is especially relevant in this game is that my opponent blundered early on and exposed his king. By exchanging 2 of the 3 pawns guarding it, it was left defenseless. Probably not such a good idea in light of my development.  As a result I was able to take advantage of the weak king.  Finally this game was set at 30 min time controls. While the computer engine analysis was done by’s analysis feature.


In conclusion, I was very happy when I saw my opponent came up with g5. I knew that if I played well I had already won. The are multiple options to check mate in the end due to the wide open king.  Furthermore, all my pieces are all aiming at the weak king side. My only regret was not moving myrook to g3 one move earlier for a faster checkmate. I had so many pieces aiming for the f6 and f7 squares.  Especially if I brought in my other rook on the f file that it was hard to let go.  Consequently it did not really matter much in the end. Finally I hope you enjoyed my importance of king pawns for safety  game review.