Game Over Kasparov and the Machine Review

Game Over Kasparov and the Machine Review
Game Over Kasparov and the Machine

Hi and welcome to my Game Over Kasparov and the Machine review.

Dive into the world of chess conspiracy theory with this unique documentary Game Over Kasparov and the Machine. This movie documents the historic chess match between Kasparov and Deep Blue. Get a look at behind the scene from Kasparov’s perspective. Watch as the greatest player in the world plays the most advanced chess engine man has ever created.  I enjoyed all of suspicion and paranoia in this chess movie. I found the subject to be quite fascinating as well. Did IBM somehow cheat one of the greatest minds the world has ever seen for financial gain?

The camera work as well as the soundtrack might not be the best. Also, the documentary will probably leave you with some unanswered questions. I wish there would have been a bit more of investigative type journalism to try to get at the truth. IBM did have a lot of security and this might have made the task quite hard. Due to all the extra security it does leave you more suspicious. But this is in no way Kasparov’s fault. He played wonderful chess against a quite amazing opponent. The  special features of the DVD contain all the games between Kasparov and Deep Blue. which I thought was a nice touch.

In conclusion I wouldn’t say to rush out and buy this DVD is you haven’t seen it yet. If you do like chess documentaries or are a fan of Kasparov you should definitely see it. Try to rent it or buy a used version if you get the chance.  Finally I would say that they definitely don’t make many chess documentaries like this one, yet I was quite entertained and enjoyed the suspense. I also enjoyed seeing the complexities of the daily chess life of Garry Kasparov. I hope you have enjoyed my Game Over Kasparov and the Machine Review.