Deep Rybka 4 Multiprocessor Version Review

Deep Rybka 4 multiprocessor version Review
Deep Rybka 4 Multiprocessor Version

Hi and welcome to my Deep Rybka 4 multiprocessor version review. This is a review of the physical copy of the Deep Rybka 4 multiprocessor version.

I decided to try Deep Rybka to analyze my chess games and I am glad I did. Though initially hesitant because of the high price, I made the leap and now I am using it evey day. I primarily bought it to do analysis on my games. I wanted something very reliable that would give me accurate information.

Deep Rybka 4 is also a good engine to play against. It also comes with a database of over 1.5 million games by very strong players. I also find myself enjoying the chess games in the training section.  I do find the database management a bit tedious since you have to copy your game then paste them in your database in a new window. They should have made an effort here but it is the fritz 12 interface that is to blame.

Deep Rybka 4 is currently set to use uses 8 cores with 7347Mb of Ram on a quad core i4820k processor. The number of core to use and ram settings are fully adjustable. The playing strength is amazing as one would expect. It also came with the Rybka 960 engine for both 960 chess play and analysis. Playing 960 versus Deep Rybka is both fun and challenging. It does seem to have some issues with certain starting positions where it will not start. I did get this for analysis so here is an example of me playing Deep Rybka 4 at full strength in a blitz game as well as a game analysis.

In conclusion I would say that if you are looking for a very good analysis tool with natural language this is an awesome choice. There are a lot of strong chess engines out there but not many give you in depth analysis with natural language. This is not cheap but I think the cost is worth it if you are looking to analyze your games with a strong chess engine. Analysis is a good tool that can be used to improve the weaknesses in your game. This is by far my best tool for the job. I hope you enjoyed my Deep Rybka 4 multiprocessor version review.