Chessbase Online App Review

ChessBase Online App Review
ChessBase Online App

Hi and welcome to my ChessBase Online app review. I personally love going through famous games on a chessbase and find it quite handy to have it on my phone. The ChessBase Online App is a paid app and does not currently offer a free version.

I have used ChessBase Online for years.  It has all you need to start viewing games right away and this app is very easy to use. Though I did have trouble with the online database more times than not, I eventually started downloading every database of pgn games that I could find. With my own database the program worked flawlessly.

Then there’s the question of if the online database doesn’t always work, what are you paying for exactly? Well that’s the right question to ask. I did enjoy using this app for years but when I got my new phone I wanted to find an alternative. Well I still had saved copies of all my pgn databases, all I needed was a program to view them. Since I was already using Analyze This I found out I could use it as my game analyzer as well as my pgn database viewer.

I would not recommend this app yet I’m not completely against it either. If you have a few dollars and would like to give the ChessBase app a try, it’s not a bad app. You should start building your own database of pgn files at the first sign of trouble with ChessBase Online’s database. You will have at least games to view while you are offline.  I would recommend Analyze This as a good free alternative for a little extra work. Just start downloading your own database from the Internet and use the Analyze This app instead.

Thanks for ready and I hope that my ChessBase Online app review was helpful to you.

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