Analysis of Paul Morphys first game by Deep Rybka

Analysis of Paul Morphys first game by Deep RybkaHi and welcome to my Analysis of Paul Morphys first game by Deep Rybka. The game was analyzed by Deep Rybka for 8 hours. This game was played against his father Alonzo Morphy when Paul was only 10 years old.

As the game starts you can see that even without castling Paul Morphy develops his pieces very quickly. He does so by gaining momentum with moves like d4 and Nf3. Those key moves allowed white to develop while pushing back blacks pieces. White also gains complete control over the center and even gets the open e file which is decisive.


In conclusion, the rapid development and the control over the center more than made up for white’s lack of castling. Paul Morphy knew exactly how to activate his pieces and place them on active squares even at a young age. His very active position allowed him to completely dominate his opponent. This game has a nice explosive ending with the black queen completely lost. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed my Analysis of Paul Morphys first game by Deep Rybka.

Kings Gambit Accepted Bishops Gambit Cozio Variation

Kings Gambit Accepted Bishops Gambit Cozio VariationHi and welcome to my Kings Gambit Accepted Bishops Gambit Cozio Variation review. This is a short game played at with 30 min time controls. My opponent was rated a little higher than me. In this version of the kings gambit accepted the white king does not castle because he moves early. By choice the bishop was taken out before the knight. This allows Black Queen to check on move 3. White regains a little momentum when he moves the knight attacking the black Queen. I saw this opening when I was studying Paul Morphy’s games. It is the opening used in his very first recorded game against his father.


In conclusion I would say that I probably got lucky since my opponent was more than likely unfamiliar with his opening. I nonetheless managed to activate all my pieces and win against a stronger opponent. Having a bit more active pieces helped me win a pawn and also defend my king when needed. I would probably not recommend anyone to play this opening but I would recommend people to take a look a some of Paul Morphy’s games. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed my Kings Gambit Accepted Bishops Gambit Cozio Variation game review.

Overwhelming the Defender

Overwhelming the DefenderHi and welcome to my overwhelming the defender game review. This is a 30min live game that I played on This French: exchange variation has been analyzed by Deep Rybka. I got a nice exclamation “!” when I overwhelmed the defender in the key move. I played a good game with no major mistakes. I noticed I developed quickly while my opponent made more pawn moves and was slow to castle. Due to my opponents slow development I was encouraged to develop as quickly as possible and I ended up with a very strong center.

In conclusion, I believe having developed much faster than my opponent was the key to victory. Another key is that castling queenside can help get your rooks in the center much faster. In addition, having a pair of rooks on open central files is very strong. Also not playing unnecessary pawn moves early can really speed up development as well. Finally a strong center enabled me to overwhelm a key defender in blacks territory and have a quick crushing victory. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my overwhelming the defender game review.

Importance of King Pawns for Safety

Importance of King Pawns for SafetyThis game will show the importance of king pawns for safety. There is also some quick development on white’s part.  What I think is especially relevant in this game is that my opponent blundered early on and exposed his king. By exchanging 2 of the 3 pawns guarding it, it was left defenseless. Probably not such a good idea in light of my development.  As a result I was able to take advantage of the weak king.  Finally this game was set at 30 min time controls. While the computer engine analysis was done by’s analysis feature.


In conclusion, I was very happy when I saw my opponent came up with g5. I knew that if I played well I had already won. The are multiple options to check mate in the end due to the wide open king.  Furthermore, all my pieces are all aiming at the weak king side. My only regret was not moving myrook to g3 one move earlier for a faster checkmate. I had so many pieces aiming for the f6 and f7 squares.  Especially if I brought in my other rook on the f file that it was hard to let go.  Consequently it did not really matter much in the end. Finally I hope you enjoyed my importance of king pawns for safety  game review.

Quick Rook Development

Quick Rook DevelopmentHere is a game I recently played on that shows the importance of quick rook development. I definitely developed my rooks before my opponent developed his which ultimately won me the game. You will notice how I develop my rooks quite early and the queen as well. Always be careful when developing the queen early. This time it worked out quite well for my queen. I almost seem to tease my opponent in helping me develop all my pieces. With you pieces developed on good squares early it can open up a lot of opportunities especially if your opponents development is a little behind. I was also able to keep my opponent from castling and that in itself is also a small victory as well.


My opponent resigned here. To complete development, imagine moving the knight on a3 with tempo attacking the queen on your next move. Finally all that remains is to  somehow try to open up the f file for your other rook. Alternatively you can also move it on the D file. The only treat my opponent had is a check on move 14 which was a little trap that ultimately helped me develop even further. You could even say I got pretty good compensation for not taking that bishop 1 move earlier. My opponent did gain a pawn but was a good exchange for developing a bishop and putting a rook on the 7th rank. Finally I hope that you have enjoyed my game on quick rook development.

Short Kings Gambit Declined

very short kings gambit declinedHere is a short kings gambit declined game I recently played as white on The time controls are 30 minutes each.  With quick development and a little luck  my opponent resigned in less than 11 moves. Due to a few minor mistakes by my opponent I was able to deploy my pieces very quickly. With the initiative and quick development you can keep the pressure on a vulnerable king rather well. I think this game is quite beautiful and therefore  is the reason I really like playing in Paul Morphy’s style.


In conclusion, at the prospect of losing his queen for a knight my opponent resigned on his 11th move. I find that this game shows the importance of quick development of your pieces and also how to take advantage of a king in the middle. Finally I hope you have enjoyed my short kings gambit declined game.