Fritz Trainer Master Class Vol 1 Bobby Fisher Review

Fritz Trainer Master class vol 1 Bobby Fischer Review
Fritz Trainer Master class vol 1 Bobby Fischer

Hi and welcome to my Fritz Trainer Master Class Vol 1 Bobby Fisher review. Here is what you get with this course. It comes with a database of 1006 of Bobby Fisher’s games including his opening tree. You also get a short biography, over 5 hours of video lessons  and 100 chess puzzles based on Bobby Fisher’s games.

The puzzles as you would expect are Bobby Fischer themed. The Biography is a little on the short side considering most people buying this course will know a whole lot more.

Here is a breakdown of the main part of the course. The first part consists of over 2 hours of video lessons on Bobby Fischer’ s openings. It includes the Ruy Lopez, Sicilian, French, Caro Kann, Najdorf, King’s Indian and Hedgehog among others. Bobby Fischer’s openings are analyzed by Grandmaster Dorian Rogozenco. You get to see how Fischer played openings against the best Grandmasters of his time.

The second part consists of analysis of Bobby Fischer’s strategic play by Grandmaster Mihail Marin. Learn the strategy behind Fisher’s key moves in famous games. Theres also about an hours of video divided in 4 lessons.

Thee tactics part was very interesting once I got the hang of them. There is 18 interactive video lessons based on some of Fischer’s most decisive moments. International Master Oliver Reeh guides you through the lessons and lets you know if you got it right also if you get it wrong as well.

The last past is the endgame by Grandmaster Karsten Muller. Theres over 2 hours of video in 28 lessons. Watch some of Fischer’s advanced endgames expertly played and commented on. Get to see very difficult end games that have been analyzed in depth.

In conclusion, would I recommend it? Maybe I would start buy buying just one of the series of your favorite player perhaps to make sure that you like the format. The opening lessons where the most fun and the endgame especially instructive. Bobby Fischer has top quality play so his games are good to learn from. Overall the package is not perfect but then again if you are fan of Bobby Fischer’s play this might interest you a lot.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my Fritz Trainer Master Class Vol 1 Bobby Fisher review. Diamond Membership Review

Hi and welcome to my Diamond Membership Review

First I would like to say that I am very fond of It is my favorite place to play chess online. It also offers a variety of chess learning tools that you can even try out with the free membership. For free you can enjoy playing unlimited games as well as access to one lesson and and 5 tactics puzzles daily. I am here to specifically review the diamond membership as a cost effective chess course. Diamond Membership Review

The pricing and membership options are pretty simple. There is a gold and platinum plan that gives you access to more lessons and tactics everyday. The Diamond membership gives you full access to all features of the site. The main features of a Diamond Membership  includes; no more ads, unlimited lessons, unlimited drills, unlimited tactics and unlimited videos. All plans offer either a monthly subscription or a yearly membership for some extra savings.

My favorite feature of the diamond membership is the unlimited chess lessons. There are plenty of lessons to chose from arranged in different categories. I can often do many in one sitting and find them to be very helpful in my chess studies. I find that the interactive features of the lessons really help me learn the subject matter in a very practical way. There are various levels of lessons that can help anyone improve their game.


Tactics are also a great way to sharpen the skills that you have just learned in the lessons. The drills are also a good way to see if you truly have mastered a certain subject. It allows to test yourself in various preset chess positions. The diamond membership also unlocks the huge library of chess videos. From coverage of chess tournaments to practical chess lessons, there is plenty to keep you entertained. All the interactive interfaces are clean and well designed for an overall great experience.

In conclusion, I would say that if you combine all the tools that the diamond membership has to offer you can definitely have a very good chess course.  There is a ton of content to chose from in various formats that can keep you quite busy for a long time. These are great learning tools that can truly improve your game in a quick and cost effective manner. You can do almost everything for free to start and even try a monthly subscription or a trial offer to truly try it out.  You can then decide for yourself if you think it is worth it. I truly enjoy all the features of the diamond membership and would encourage you to try it out. Thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed my Diamond membership Review.

The Grandmasters Positional Understanding Review

The Grandmasters Positional Understanding Review
The Grandmasters Positional Understanding

Hi and welcome to my The Grandmasters Positional Understanding review. This course is one of my favorites by Grandmaster Igor Smirnov. This course has helped me tremendously in my chess development. It will teach you so much that you will that I believe that you will instantly play chess much better after going through this one course.

It comes with over 5 hours of video in seven lessons and a few bonus lessons. You also have a series to practical exercises to solve based on the video lessons in this course. There are over one hundred exercises and puzzles to solve that can really help you completely understand the subject matter. The instructions in the video lessons are clear and well presented.  The video lessons are quite enjoyable and include a lot of concrete examples. The material is easy to learn  and to understand. I would say that Igor Smirnov did such a great job that it’s worth going over again. You will lean positional principles and  strategic elements applicable to all your games.

I really enjoyed the lessons on all the various pawn structure. I also liked the in debt lesson on the value of bishops and how to best use them in your games. My game play definitely changed for the better after going trough this course. It really helped me understand many middle game positions as well as how to improve them to my advantage. I like how the material was so easily integrated in my chess games.

In conclusion, I believe the course is of great value considering the improvement it can bring. The course has made me a much better player and I even enjoy going back to it and to go over the lessons again. I loved this course so much that I would recommend it to anyone slightly interested. Thanks for reading and I hope that you have enjoyed my The Grandmasters Positional Understanding review.

Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess Master Class Review

Garry kasparov Teaches Chess Master Class Review
Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess Master Class

Hi and Welcome to my Garry Kasparov teaches chess Master Class review.

I was not sure what to expect from Master Class as this is my first experience with them. For the low price of 120$ Canadian I figured it’s worth a try. At that price if it didn’t work out it wouldn’t break the bank. Tony Robbins once said that if you want to learn something try to learn it from the best at that particular subject. Well I don’t think many people here will have any doubt that Garry Kasparov is the best chess player around. Who better to have as a chess instructor?

Well I will have to say that Master Class has blown my mind. In both overall quality of the presentation to the quality of the instruction.  The picture quality of the videos are outstanding.  The sets where Garry has a board and talks to the camera are grandiose and make you feel like you are having a one on one class. Master Class also did a good job a building a community of students that can easily interact with each other. There are a few places to chat and comment as well as a comment section for every class to ask questions or have a general discussion.  The workbook is also quite well presented and the overall website is easy to navigate.

I wasn’t sure if the subject matter would be to easy or too advanced for me before decided to purchase it. It does start with a bit of easier material and quickly dives in intermediate and advanced levels. I didn’t really come across anything so boring that I wanted to skip or too advanced that I found it too hard. I would say that there is definitely something here for all levels of chess players. Garry Kasparov makes all the instructions clear and easy to understand. He is really good at keeping your attention because he presents everything in an enthusiastic and lively manner.

In conclusion I wouldn’t say that after this class you will be a grandmaster. As Garry Kasparov says that chess is really big and he would like us to use his class as a starting point for further development. I have learned a lot and am completely satisfied and happy to have got this course.  I would recommend this course to anyone for its price, its teacher and its presentation. As long as you already know how to move the pieces and have at least a basic understanding. This is best for club players and I imagine even Masters and Grandmasters could get something out of it. I  have to say thank you and awesome job to both Master Class and Garry Kasparov. Thanks for reading and I hope that you have enjoyed my Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess Master Class Review.


Your Winning Plan Review

Your Winning Plan Review
Your Winning Plan

Hi and welcome to my Your Winning Plan review.

This course was created by International Grandmaster Igor Smirnov. Grandmaster Smirnov is an accomplished chess instructor and chess coach.

This course focuses on the planning stage of mostly the middle game and planning in general. Once you have fully developed your pieces and have finished the opening moves what do you do next?  This course will teach you accurately what to do next. Your Winning Plan has 10 video lessons with over 2 hours of video training. It also has a practical part with over 100 tasks to complete that focuses on the material learned in the videos.

Planning in chess can be a very daunting task. It is probably one of the most important skills you can learn. This course will teach you all you need to know about planning in chess. Learn how and when to make a master plan to outwit your opponent every time. Learn how to come up with the best plan in every possible situation. This course will literally teach you what to do when you are not sure what to do next.

You will learn the 5 different types of centers and how to plan around each one. Learn the typical mistakes most players do around planning. Simplify the planning process and focus on winning your games.

In conclusion I would highly recommend this course. It will teach you great planning skills that will help you in all aspects of chess. This course is for intermediate players. It is also very affordable and a great value considering its contents. This course has really been an asset to all my chess games as a winning plan is always a good thing to have. Thank you for reading and I hope you have enjoyed my Your Winning Plan review.

The Grandmaster’s Opening Laboratory Review

The Grandmaster's Opening Laboratory Review
The Grandmaster’s Opening Laboratory

Hi and welcome to my The Grandmaster’s Opening Laboratory review.

The author of this course is International Grandmaster Igor Smirnov. Grandmaster Smirnov is a world class chess teacher and chess coach. This course contains 5 video lessons for about 3 hours of video.There is also a practical part that will help reinforce what you have just learned with the videos.

This is a good introductory course about openings. With this course you can start outwitting your opponents that know the openings better than you do. Learn which openings and opening moves that are not the best for development. Learn what to do in unfamiliar openings and various opening positions. This is a perfect guide to get you all the way to the middle game without losing an advantage and even gaining an advantage over your opponent.

Learn the three basic rules to start all your games.  The openings are a very important part of chess, so how much time should you spend studying it? Not that much according to Grandmaster Smirnov unless you are already at the grandmaster level. This course focuses more on the general rules of the openings. There are a few the openings covered in more detail especially in the practical part. This course has a lot of great material that will change the way you view openings.

In conclusion, I would recommend this course to beginners and intermediate players currently studying openings. You should probably see this course before you study any other opening. This course is a good value and can save you a lot of time with your chess training. I very much enjoyed this course and found that it has helped me with every chess game I have played since. Thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed my The Grandmaster’s Opening Laboratory review.

The Grandmaster’s Secrets Review

The Grandmaster's Secrets Review
The Grandmaster’s Secrets

Hi and welcome to my The Grandmaster’s Secrets Review

This course was created by International Grandmaster Igor Smirnov. This chess course has 2 major components. The first is 5 great video lessons for a total of approximately 2 1/2 hours. After the video lessons there is an extensive  practical part comprising of solving  chess puzzles themed on the video lessons. The practical part really help you learn the material and compliment the video lessons well.

The video lessons are great of great quality in addition to being easy to understand.  Some of the lessons your will learn in this course are; Learn the biggest mistakes beginners make, Learn what to study to maximize your chess improvement, Learn to apply a good system of thinking during your chess games, Learn how to beat players with more chess knowledge than you, General overview of how to play the game, Learn how to prepare physically and physiologically before chess matches, How to get into in dept chess training, Learn to analyses your own games.

Grandmaster Smirnov gives a lot of good advice on how to learn to get results consequently increasing your rating. He will literally show how how grandmasters think during a game and in preparation for  a game. Most of all, you will find a good guide on how to calculate properly during games with good examples from real games. This can really help you improve your play very quickly.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend this course for beginners to intermediate players. Probably the best choice for your  first course from the Igor Smirnov Series.  This course is at a good price and  offers good value for immediate chess improvement. I believe you will enjoy this course and with it will start improving your chess games right away. Thanks for reading and I really hope you enjoyed my The Grandmaster’s Secrets Review.