Acid Ape Chess Engine Collection Review

Acid Ape Chess engine collection review
Acid Ape Chess

Hi and welcome to my Acid Ape Chess Engine Collection review.

Acid Ape Chess’s Chess Engine Collection is a collection of chess engines that can be used with the Acid Ape Chess App or any other app that will let you use custom chess engines. This download contains 3 high quality chess engines. The engines included are Hakkapeliita 3.0 by Mikko Aarnos, Senpai 1.0 by Fabien Letouzey amd Stockfish 8 by Tord Romstad, Marco Costalba and Joona Kiiski. The ratings of the engines are quite high, Hakkapeliita 3.0 (2956), Senpai 1.0(3033) and Stockfish 8 (3390).

I find that the engines and the installations worked very well with Acid Ape Chess. After the download the new engines were available to play in Acid Ape Chess right away. Acid Ape Chess does an amazing job with its chess apps. There are other free chess engines available for download but these ones are really strong and seem to work well with all my other apps too.

In conclusion, I would say that these engines are not necessary, especially if you already have stockfish 8. I would not necessarily recommend these engines, but they are completely free, strong and fun to play against. It is also very easy to install and doesn’t take much room. Theres is a lot you can do with Acid Ape Chess.  Other engines can come in handy if you  spend a lot of time playing with this app on your phone. If you are curious about them go ahead and download.  If you don’t have the Acid Ape Chess app yet you should definitely check out my review here. Whether you are playing with other people or against engines, Acid Ape Chess a great app despite it’s unusual name. Finally, thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed my Acid Ape Chess Engine Collection Review.

Acid Ape Chess Review

Acid Ape Chess Review
Acid Ape Chess

Hi and welcome to my Acid Ape Chess review.

This free app has a very slick and functional interface. Don’t let the title fool you, this app really can do a lot. First you can play chess online with various players on various networks. You can play on the FICS, ICCF and Lichess networks. Finding people to play with was easy and effortless. You get to set the time controls and the ratings range that wish to play against.

The other nice aspect of this app is that you can play against various chess engines. There are a few engines that come with the app and you can add your own as well. One of the unique things about this app is that you can play simultaneously against up to 16 chess engine opponents. I found it quite amusing to play a simultaneous match against various engines.

Acid Ape Chess also supports 960 Chess for online and engine play. In addition, you can start 16 simultaneous 960 matches against the computer as well. I could not have asked more from a chess app. It is so easy to find opponents and fun to play different chess engines with this app. The added 960 chess seems like just a great bonus.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend this app and mostly because it’s so easy to use and it’s free. If you don’t like it you can always just uninstall it. I think that the developers did an amazing job when they created this app. I might not be the biggest fan of the name but that doesn’t really affect the high quality of this app in any way. Thanks for reading and I hope that you have enjoyed my Acid Ape Chess review. Currently this app is only available on Google Play.

Chessbase Online App Review

ChessBase Online App Review
ChessBase Online App

Hi and welcome to my ChessBase Online app review. I personally love going through famous games on a chessbase and find it quite handy to have it on my phone. The ChessBase Online App is a paid app and does not currently offer a free version.

I have used ChessBase Online for years.  It has all you need to start viewing games right away and this app is very easy to use. Though I did have trouble with the online database more times than not, I eventually started downloading every database of pgn games that I could find. With my own database the program worked flawlessly.

Then there’s the question of if the online database doesn’t always work, what are you paying for exactly? Well that’s the right question to ask. I did enjoy using this app for years but when I got my new phone I wanted to find an alternative. Well I still had saved copies of all my pgn databases, all I needed was a program to view them. Since I was already using Analyze This I found out I could use it as my game analyzer as well as my pgn database viewer.

I would not recommend this app yet I’m not completely against it either. If you have a few dollars and would like to give the ChessBase app a try, it’s not a bad app. You should start building your own database of pgn files at the first sign of trouble with ChessBase Online’s database. You will have at least games to view while you are offline.  I would recommend Analyze This as a good free alternative for a little extra work. Just start downloading your own database from the Internet and use the Analyze This app instead.

Thanks for ready and I hope that my ChessBase Online app review was helpful to you.

ChessBase Online App on Google Play

ChessBase Online App on Itunes

Komodo Chess Engine Review

Komodo Chess Engine Review
Komodo Chess Engine

Hi and welcome to my Komodo Chess Engine Review.

The Komodo engine currently comes in 3 different versions which are Komodo 8(free), Komodo 9(paid) and Komodo 10 (paid). When you download the Komodo app you only get the engine itself and you will need one of the compatible chess apps to be able to use it.

The free compatible chess apps are; Chess for Android, Scid on the go, DroidFish Chess and Chess.

The paid chess apps that are compatible are; ChessBase Online, Analyze This, Hawk Chess and Chess PGN Master.

The komodo engine is not necessary for you to play chess with engines but sometimes having another engine can be fun.  It is usually pretty simple to install depending on the app and then you can easily start playing against Komodo. I have successfully installed it with Droidfish and quite enjoy playing against Komodo.

What I usually use Komodo for is for my game analysis, using Analyze This. First you do need the pro version of Analyze This to be able to add your own engines.  Not that the Stockfish engine that comes with Analyze This is bad. Having another engine can act like a second opinion.  I will usually alternate my game analysis between Komodo and Stockfish.  I do find the analysis between the two engines a little different so it’s nice to see things from a slightly different perspective.

In conclusion, would definitely recommend Komodo 8 because it is currently free. It can be used as an opponent or as a strong engine for analysis of your games. I would not recommend the paid version Komodo 9 because Komodo10  seems like a much better value. Since Komodo usually makes available past additions for free, it would seem like Komodo 9 is next on that list. If you are looking for a good engine and are willing to pay a few dollars, I would recommend Komodo 10. For a slightly higher price you get a much stronger engine that is great for analysis and fun to play against as well.

I hope you have enjoyed my Komodo Chess Engine Review.

Free Komodo 8 on Google Play

Komodo 9 on Google Play

Komodo 10 on Google Play

Follow Chess App Review

Follow Chess App Review
Follow Chess App

Hi and Welcome to my Follow Chess app review.

With the follow chess app you can watch live chess tournaments from around the world right on your phone. You could almost say that is like having access to a chess TV channel for free.

This is one of the most exciting and innovative idea to hit the chess app market.  With this app you can start watching live chess games from popular chess tournaments from around the world. Once in a while you will even get a live commentary video feed for the event.  The feed is usually hosted by a Chess Grandmaster and will even analyze games on the go. The live commentary feed is top notch and a real pleasure to watch.

For the free version, you can get access to all the current live tournaments and video feeds.  You can also look up completed games from the live tournament.

The paid version offers access to all the games from all the previous tournaments. Having all the games from every tournament is great but not really necessary. The free version has all you need to get started. If you really like it and want to upgrade, the lifetime offer is a great value.

I find that this app gets as close to a Chess TV channel as you can get. Chess available 24/7 with some even streaming is great. You can easily have a few chess games from a live tournament opened on your phone while watching TV.  I will also sometimes watch a game or the on the bus to help pass the time.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend the free version of this app. If you are like me and find yourself using it quite often I would also recommend the paid version as well. I really think this app is very cool and offers something that is quite unique and very fun.

Follow Chess on Google Play

Follow Chess on Itunes App Review App Review App

Hi and welcome to my app review.

The app is the chess app that I use the most on my phone. I mainly use it to play chess games with other players around the world at any time of day. You can chose between two main and separate playing options. You can chose a one a turn based chess game that you can have up to a few days to play each move. The more popular of the two and my personal favorite is the live game section.

I almost exclusively use the live game section to play chess and there are many time control options for you to pick from for you games. You get to chose your own time controls from one of the many options available.  The app will randomly chose an opponent from around the word based on time controls chosen and your chess rating.

The gameplay is great, the interface works well and it’s very easy to use. The only problem I have with  the live sections is that because of a bad phone connection I can easily lose a game. Unfortunately you will lose automatically if you are  disconnected for more than a couple minutes. If you have a good signal on your phone or if you are connected to Wi-Fi this will not be  problem.

This app will easily keep track of all your chess games played and are available in pgn format.  Because it’s so easy I will usually send my games straight to my Analyze This App. The app will also keep track of you chess rating and your progress over time.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend the app to anybody who wants to play chess online. I recommend it because it ‘s a great app and most of all it’s free. Finally, If you haven’t yet you should definitely give this app a try. App on Google Play App on Itunes


Droidfish App Review

Droidfish App ReviewHi and welcome to my Droidfish app review. Droidfish is a great free chess app that comes with the Stockfish Chess Engine. This is the app to use to play against other chess engines on your phone while you are on a budget. The app is completely free with all its options unlocked from the start.

Since I have installed Shredder on my phone, I must say I don’t use it as much as I used to.  I do still enjoy Droidfish for its ability to easily play blindfold chess with a computer engine.  In the settings you can easily set blindfold for one side or both sides of the board.

Stockfish 7 that comes free with the program is challenging enough and you can set it at the level you like. Another of Droidfish’s great features is that you can install and play against other chess engines for free. I always find it fun to play against other engines once in a while.

You can also use Droidfish to view pgn files or play 2 chess engines against themselves. Droidfish also has a whole lot of customizable options in the menu for gameplay and the program itself.

I think that Droidfish is definitely one of the best free chess engine available. It certainly has the most options and is the most customizable one out there. It has everything you need to start playing chess with an engine right away. If you are on a budget or like to play different chess engines I would really recommend this program. If you are not on a budget and are just looking for a fun engine to play with I would recommend the Shredder Chess app. I hope you enjoyed my Droidfish app review and hope you enjoy playing Stockfish as well.

Droidfish on Google Play

Stockfish on Itunes

Shredder Chess App Review

Shredder Chess App Review.

Shredder Chess App Review
Shredder Chess App

Hi and welcome to my Shredder Chess App Review.

Unfortunately the Shredder Chess app comes only as a paid version and currently doesn’t offer a free version of its app. I changed phones and quickly noticed that I missed this app very much so I went ahead and bought it again. I still play it often so I haven’t regretted it.

There are plenty of free apps to play against an engine available so why would you want to get this free app. I quickly notice that most engines I played against where very strong and I was easily beat.  After playing with the strength of the engines multiple times it seemed that I couldn’t get it quite right. What shredder does well is to adapt to your playing strength. It can play strong yet giving you the ability to beat it once in a while.

It’s always fun to play with the Shredder app, it’s interface is easy to use and the pieces, board and color schemes are quite pleasing as well.

Shredder also offers a fun puzzle solving feature. There are plenty of puzzles to keep your brain working for quite some time. The puzzles are a fun distraction and you can easily play for a long time. But the chess engine is what I like the most about the Shredder app.  if you get tired of playing other engines you should definitely give this one a try.

I have tried about a dozen of free engines and there are plenty of free chess engines to play against. I would still recommend this one just because it has been my personal favorite.  This Engine keeps me on my toes by beating me most of the time. If I’m careful and it blunders a bit I still have that chance for a win.

Shredder Chess on Itunes

Shredder Chess on Google Play

Analyze This Review

Analyze This Review (Chess App)

Analyze This Chess App
Analyze This Chess App

Hi and welcome to my Analyze This Review.

The Analyze This app is not for playing chess games but for analyzing games played in other apps.  This app can then analyze your chess games to let you know where your mistakes where. It can help you find where you could have played a better move and check mates you or your opponent may have missed.

It comes with the StockFish 8 Engine which is a powerful engine to analyze your own chess games. The pro version allows you to also add your own engine like Komodo 8(free), 9 or 10. StockFish 8 is very powerful but sometimes its fun to have your games analyzed by another engine.

I find analyze this very easy to use and accurate in in the analysis of my own chess games .  It is also helpful to analyze both my losses and even my wins to find many options that I might have missed. It can be even very useful in helping me improve my chess game.

There is also great for its ability to annotate your games as well as view other annotated games to help you in your chess development.

While it comes in both Free and Pro versions , in the free version the app is limited to thinking for a maximum of 5 seconds per move. You can easily try it for free and upgrade to pro later if you like it.

Upgrade to pro for more analysis time per move as well as the ability to use other engines. You will also have an auto play buttons for your games, quite useful if you also use  it as your database. I would definitely recommend the upgrade if you are serious about improving your chess games.

Analyze This Google Play Free

Analyze This Google Play Pro

Also available Free with possible upgrade, Analyze This on Itunes